shipwrecks of the World

If you ever wondered where some of the great shipwrecks of the world are located here is a great map to help you explore.  When your a boater being aware of these wrecks is a good idea but as a scuba diver, they could be fun spots to dive.



List of Shipwrecks

Wreck of USS Inaugural
Poyang Lake
Wreck of Lamma IV
Antikythera Mechanism Wreck
Wreck of M/V Estonia
Wreck of M/V Le Joola
LST 393 Museum Ship
Wreck of Ella Warley
Wreck of Bonhomme Richard
Plundered Polish Treasure
Wreck of RMS Titanic
Wreck of RMS Brittanic
Collision of RMS Olympic & HMS Hawke
Porcelain Shipwreck
USS Batfish Museum
Wreck of Bremen Merchant Submaine
Wreck of SMS Cap Trafalgar
Wreck of Me 323 Gigant
Wreck of Ilmarinen
Wreck of Dutch East Indiaman Aagtekerke
Battle of Lake Erie
Two Roman Shipwrecks
Mazotos Wreck
Chicago Viking Museum Ship
SS Morro Castle Disaster
Marble Boat
Wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge
Shipwrecked Champagne
Mary Rose Museum
Wreck of SMS Ostfriesland, USS Virginia & USS New Jersey
Wreck of HMS Hood
Wreck of Olinda
Wreck of K-159
Pouto Point Shipwreck
Erastothenes Seamount
Wreck of USS Grunion
Charleston’s Civil War Naval Battlefields
Wreck of Wilhelm Gustloff
Aral Sea
Wreck of SS Richard Montgomery
Birka Viking Village
Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Base Camp
SS United States
Wreck of SS Terra Nova
Wreck of Awa Maru
HMS Namur
Wreck of SS Islander
Wreck of Costa Concordia
Wreck of Steamboat Montana
Baltic Sea UFO
Jonkoping Champagne
Wreck of SS Central America
Wreck of HMB Endeavour
Wreck of La Belle
Operation Albion
First Running of the America’s Cup
Yacht America Scuttled
Wreck of CSS Georgiana
San Diego Maritime Museum
Blockade Runner Davy Crocket Captured
HMB Endeavour Museum Ship
Wreck of Royal Navy sub J6
Cymric Strikes Tram
Cymric Disappears with All Hands
Belle of the Night Riverboat
Belle of the Night Riverboat
Battle of Bach Dang
Wreck of HMS Dasher
Battle of Trafalgar
Viking Settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows
Viking Outpost on Baffin Island
National Museum of the Pacific War
Wreck of Japanese Midget Submarine HA-19
Wreck of Roman Era Merchant Ship
Kalakala Ferry
Attack on CSS Albemarle
West Baton Rouge History Museum
M/V Liemba
Wreck of M/V Atlantic Conveyor
Falls of Clyde
Royal Navy Assault on Algiers (1816)
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
Wreck of SS City of Medicine Hat
SS Robin Museum Ship
Wreck of HMAS Sydney
Wreck of HSK Kormoran
Operation Chariot
Operation Source & Operation Tungsten
Battleship USS North Carolina
Wreck of Resande Man
CSS Florida Sinks Under Mysterious Circumstances
CSS Florida Rammed & Captrued
Pax River NAS – X-47B
HMCS Sackville Museum Ship
ARA Libertad Seized
Wreck of Soviet WWII Submarine S-6
Wreck of Nazi Pocket Battleship Graf Spee
SEALs sink Manuel Noriega’s Yacht
Wreck of SS Athenia
Wreck of German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst
Bering Sea
SS Knud Grounding
Maury River
Fort Fisher
Makin Atoll
Nuclear Ship Savannah
Wreck of SS Savonmaa
Wreck of HMS M2
USS Pueblo in Captivity
USS Maine
Wreck of Carrol A. Deering
Battle of Santo Domingo
Wreck of U-864
Normandie Combusts & Capsizes
Wreck of General von Steuben
Wreck of Surcouf
Wreck of S/V Speke
Khufu Ship Museum
Wreck of the Baleares
Wreck of Blue Jacket
Blue Jacket’s Figurehead Comes Ashore
Wreck of SS Po
Wreck of American & German Naval Squadrons – 1889
First Battle of Copenhagen
Belgammel Ram Discovered
Nazi Invasion of Norway 1940
Wreck of Sir Walter Raleigh’s Flying Joan(?)
Battle off Samar
Wreck of the Riverboat Sultana
Wreck of Kilkis & Limnos
Seiran Submarine Plane
Wreck of I-401
Wreck of SS Politician
Jewish Refugees Denied Asylum
Wreck of Jascon 4
SS Canberra
Battle of the Nile
Loss of USCG Grumman Duck
Spanish Republicans Invade Majorca
Danish Naval Scuttling
Royal George Capsizes
Wreck of French Battleship Liberte

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